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Floral arrangements with cut flowers

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This romantic floral arrangement is perfect for special occasions. It contains 7 fiery red roses, carefully arranged in a round white deluxe gift box. The arrangement has a size of 16 x 24 cm.

The Cupid mug with roses was specially created for Valentine's Day from carefully selected fiery red roses, arranged in a ceramic thermal mug with a handle in the shape of a heart, the mug can be personalized. With...

A refined and very elegant floral arrangement in shades of red and white, for the special moments in life. Contains 2 Miniroses, 4 gerberas and 3 freesias. The box in which the flowers are arranged is made of wood and...

An arrangement created with heart to make a unique impression on Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or other special occasions in life.  Contains:  Anthurium, roses, freesia and Peruvian lilies, all arranged in a wooden...

This floral arrangement designed and created by us contains miniroses, gerberas and freesias, surrounding a round wooden keychain which can be personalized through engraving, with a short text or a name. The gift box...

This cheerful floral arrangement contains pink miniroses and white freesias arranged in an elegant gift box with a diameter of 10 cm, height 7 cm, and finished with Gypsophila. A wonderful gift for any special occasion.

On the occasion of graduation or any other important event, offer your loved ones a beautiful floral arrangement made of cut flowers: a truly special gift. There may be a slight different in the shades of the flowers compared to the product photos. ONLY periodical arrangements exist, depending on the type of the flowers used.



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