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Floral compositions with plants

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Elegant floral arrangement containing Muscari armeniacum, finished with decorative pebbles and Iceland moss placed in a modern environment thanks to the glass and wood elements, and the white and light blue colors. It...

Echeveria in a pot decorated with white pebbles, the pot being a transparent glass. The shade of the plants can vary from arrangement to arrangement. It is a special gift for any occasion, a birthday, Mother's Day,...

Arrangement in basket composed of different potted plants, such as daffodils, carnations and ivy, finished with Iceland moss. A gift to bring spring cheer into any home. We can add your special message on an engraved...

Floral arrangement in basket, designed to be the perfect spring gift. The combination of dried and natural elements gives the basket a modern look, appreciated in the art of flower arranging. We can add your personal...

The "Pretty message" collection was created with the intent of increasing the joy of giving a gift. This arrangement was created from the heart: a potted Echeveria plant is carefully placed in a personalized mug...

The "Pretty Message" collection's intent is to increase the joy of gifting. This arrangement was created from the heart: a potted Echeveria plant, placed into a personalized mug with a cute message, to remind you that...

This floral arrangement was specially created for Women's Day. The ceramic mug is personalized with spring imagery, and contains a small potted Kalanchoe plant. We can also add your special message on an engraved...

Who would have thought that a mug with flowers could signify the spring? Arranged in an elegant, feminine mug and specially personalized for Women's Day, this arrangement is an ideal gift for younger or older ladies.



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