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Wedding anniversary

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The "Secret Box with Gift" arrangement was designed with heart to help you gift something truly memorable on Valentine's Day, and not only. The creation contains three red roses arranged in a mug with message and a...

An elegant photo album, which can hold up to 200 photos of 10x15 cm size. It is an exceptional gift for any event in the life of a family, and can be made even more special by personalization, with an engraved text on...

Photo album for 200 photographs of 10x15 cm size. It is an exceptional gift for any event in the life of a family; it can be personalized by engraving a short text on the cover. It has the advantage that you can write...

This rotating photo cube has a very elegant design, and can be displayed on a desk at home or the office. It can hold 6 photos, one on each side, the photos need to be of 10 x 10 cm size. Changing them is easy, you...

Maybe you're celebrating a milestone of your own marriage with your beloved wife, maybe you have been invited to the anniversary celebration of a couple in your family or circle of friends. Either way, if you're looking for a gift suited for a lady on such a special occasion, you need to choose with care. Here you can find a large variety of personalized gifts: tasteful flower arrangements, mugs with a special design or photo, photo albums you can give her full of unforgettable personal photos. The choice is yours - but rest assured that anything you choose from this category will be a lovely gift for her.



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