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Desk clock with a built-in pen holder, made of high-quality bamboo, showing the date, time and temperature with a white LED light on a black base, which gives it a certain elegance. The clock functions with three AAA...

Pres metallic laser pointer, placed into an elegant wooden box, which can be personalized through engraving with any text. The writing instrument has the functions of a laser pointer and ballpoint pen, as well as...

A multifunctional ballpoint pen for any do-it-yourself enthusiast. It contains two measurement units on the grip (cm and inch) and a spirit level. In the cap you can find another very useful tool - a screwdriver with...

This writing instrument is made of painted metal and can be used not just for writing, but also for navigation on a touch screen, having a small rubber cap the same color as the rest of the pen, giving it a certain...

Elegant and useful gift objects for office work, some of them produced by us, perfect gifts for graduates, work colleagues, business partners.



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