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If you are looking for a gift for a lady in your family or circle of friends who is retiring from her job, this funny and practical t-shirt is the best choice. This t-shirt is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face...

Wooden plaque in the shape of a flame with a height of 19,5 cm, on wooden base. Can be offered as a gift for different sport events, birthdays, retirement, competitions etc. It can be personalized in several ways,...

Retirement is the celebration of a lifetime of success and hard work. If you have an important lady in your life - a family member, friend or colleague - who is about to retire, you surely wish to surprise her with something special that will become a beautiful, lasting memory for her. And we can help with that! This category offers a wide variety of elegant gifts, lovely floral arrangements and sophisticated gift packages perfect for older ladies, many of which can be personalized after your wishes, so you can surprise her with the most perfect, unique retirement gift.



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