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Setul de vin NEBILLO contine patru piese speciale pentru vin, cutia rotunda este din piele sintetica de calitate de culoarea neagra. Cutia se poate personaliza prin gravura pe capac cu orice text dorit de dumneavoastra.

Statie meteo Kari, ce cuprinde in acelasi loc termometru, hygrometru si ceas, si se poate agata pe perete.  Produsul este din lemn, care se poate personaliza prin gravura cu un scurt text. Dimensiuni : 86 x 270 x 35 mm

The first days spent in a new house or apartment are always special ones, and many people choose to celebrate them by organizing a get-together with their loved ones. These occasions might be rare, but we still need to know how to gift the host a stylish and useful gift when they happen. This category offers a variety of interesting gifts for a gentleman just moved into a new home, from home decor to fridge magnets, useful trinkets and kitchen equipment. Through personalization, they can become the perfect surprise for such a celebration.



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