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Portofel elegant din piele, perfect pentru barbati, foarte practic. Poate fi personalizat cu orice text dorit prin gravura, contra cost! Se gaseste in culorile negru si maro. Dimensiune: 11,5 x 9,5 cm.

Wooden flower basket for Easter, produced by MrGift. Size: 22 x 15 x 25 cm. Includes a decorative wooden plaque, personalized for Easter through engraving or UV printing. Filled with flowers, plants or Easter goods it...

Cotton kitchen apron without pockets, made of fabric with 180 g/mp thickness. Available in different colors, and can be personalized with any text or image chosen by you. The price contains the personalization. Apron...

Cutit de buzunar din lemn si otel inoxidabil, ideal pentru barbati. Este prevazut cu o inchidere, astfel se poate transporta in siguranta. La cerere partea din lemn se poate personaliza cu un text scurt prin gravura.

Easter is a holiday celebrated across the entire world. It is full of religious significance, but also a true sense of community that brings together friends and families. In this category you can find a diverse variety of Easter gifts and gift packages for men in your family, circle of friends, acquaintances, or even work colleagues, gifts which can be personalized to become the ideal festive surprise.



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