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Santa Claus-themed gift package, containing a Christmas-themed gift bag made of synthetic material, a Domino game with Christmas patterns, a Santa pencil, chocolate and a plastic toy car full of sweets. Size: 200 x...

Set of crayons in various colors, packaged in a practical cardboard box. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, nameday, Children's Day or any other occasion, you will definitely have success with these colorful crayons,...

Body for young children, made of 100% cotton, available in four colors. It can be personalized with any requested text, or a graphic in a single color. The personalization is included in the price, at a maximum size...

Christmas gifts are many children's favorite part of this holiday. Even if they are too young to fully understand the religious significance and community spirit of Christmas, they can still feel our love and appreciation through the gifts we give to them. This is why gifts for children have to be chosen carefully. These Christmas gifts are perfect for children: they are cute, creative and interesting, and will surely bring great joy to the little ones when they see them under the Christmas tree.



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