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Set of crayons in various colors, packaged in a practical cardboard box. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, nameday, Children's Day or any other occasion, you will definitely have success with these colorful crayons,...

Body for young children, made of 100% cotton, available in four colors. It can be personalized with any requested text, or a graphic in a single color. The personalization is included in the price, at a maximum size...

A birthday is even more important for children than for adults: it's the day when they are in the center of attention, and receive pretty gifts from their family and friends. The best birthday gifts for kids are those that they won't get easily bored of: interesting toys, personalized clothes that they can proudly wear to school or kindergarten, mugs with their favorite cartoon characters, or something else with a personal value. Here you can find a large variety of unique and interesting gifts for kids, which they will be delighted to receive on this special day.



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