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Wedding anniversary

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Folia magnetica este de fapt magnet de frigider, de marimea 6*9 cm, personalizabila cu poza, grafica sau textul dorit, de dimensiunea dorita, dar maxim marimea A4. Pretul marimilor mai mari se discuta telefonic. Poze...

Elegant wallet made of quality leather, very practical and perfect for men. It can be personalized by engraving with any requested text, this raises the price! Available in black and brown colors. Size: 11,5 x 9,5 cm.

The wedding anniversary is the occasion when a married couple celebrates the beautiful years, special memories and wonderful moments spent together, surrounded by their loved ones. This occasion happens every year, but it is much more special when a decade has passed, or 25, even 50 years together. Naturally, such an occasion needs a memorable gift with true personal value from those who are invited. This category offers a variety of unique gifts for a married couple: decorative objects personalized with unforgettable photos, particularly elegant floral arrangements, and many more. Choose from our selection of personalized gifts, to give a truly special surprise to those who deserve it.



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