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A simple, but elegant Easter wreath for your door in natural colors, decorated with ming flowers, dried plants and wooden butterflies, finished with Iceland moss and midolino strings. The festive mood is creatied with...

Folia magnetica este de fapt magnet de frigider, de marimea 6*9 cm, personalizabila cu poza, grafica sau textul dorit, de dimensiunea dorita, dar maxim marimea A4. Pretul marimilor mai mari se discuta telefonic. Poze...

It's a lovely gesture to surprise our loved ones with gifts for the holidays, and it's easier to choose a gift for a couple than two separate ones for them. From this category of Easter gifts, you can choose something from the home or the garden, a basket for homemade goods, or other useful and pretty gifts based on your own preferences. How well you know the couple in question is also important, as it will make choosing a gift easier. Your gifts can also be personalized, by engraving the couple's initials on them, or anything else you choose. We will make your search for a perfect gift easier, as you can find a large variety here!



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