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White ceramic mug with a small basketball in the handle. As it can be personalized with a personal image, it is an ideal gift for those who love this sport; it can be offered as a gift for boys or girls, on any...

Body for young children, made of 100% cotton, available in four colors. It can be personalized with any requested text, or a graphic in a single color. The personalization is included in the price, at a maximum size...

Set of crayons in various colors, packaged in a practical cardboard box. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, nameday, Children's Day or any other occasion, you will definitely have success with these colorful crayons,...

This rotating photo cube has a very elegant design, and can be displayed on a desk at home or the office. It can hold 6 photos, one on each side, the photos need to be of 10 x 10 cm size. Changing them is easy, you...

Giving a gift for a child is something that needs attention, since for them a gift can mean much more than for an adult, and might be a memory for life. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion, giving gifts to children can also bring us great joy when we see their happiness. It's recommended to also ask their parents for advice, especially if the gift is a more special one: a printed puzzle with a photo, a cute plushie, etc. We can also gift them school equipment or clothes, but in this case it's a good idea to give those gifts personal value; for example, to gift a mug with their favorite cartoon character, or a pen for school engraved with a special message. One thing is certain: we wish to bring children joy. Here you can find a large selection of personalized gifts for children, organized into categories, so you will easily find the perfect gift for any kid!



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