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Writing instrument set made of rosewood, comprised of a ballpoint pen with rotation mechanism and blue ink, placed in an oval pen holder. It's an elegant gift for the enthusiasts of quality wood. As the set is made of...

The Nevada fountain pen is available in two stylish colors: black and white, and can be personalized through engraving, with a short text. It is a simple but stylish writing instrument, ideal for school or university.

Malone pen set made of unvarnished wood, containing a blue ink ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil in a pen holder of the same color. This elegant gift set has the advantage of personalization on any or all of three...

Aluminum ballpoint pen in matching pen holder, available in five different colors. The pen contains black ink; both it and the pen holder can be personalized through engraving. An ideal graduation gift. Size:...

A writing instrument can be the perfect choice for a gift, since it's an object regularly used, especially in office work, at school or at university. Here you can find a variety of writing instruments for men and women, elegant, classic or modern, or even for children or adolescents. Such a writing set will definitely attract the gaze. The gift can be even more special if the person who receives it opens it and sees their name, their initials or a short, heartfelt message engraved on the writing instruments or even the box. Surely the sincere smile this will bring to their lips will be a joy to see for you as well.



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