Classic Othello Board Game

Othello is a strategy board game resembling the older strategy game go, where the goal is to surround your opponent's play pieces with your own, but in this game the pieces can change color. The required number of players in this game is two, and the minimum recommended age is seven years old.

Box size: 37,3 × 27,5 × 6,8 cm.

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Othello is a complex, but entertaining and easy-to-learn strategy game, where both players are represented by either black or white round game pieces on a game board. The aim is to surround one of the opponent's game pieces with two of your own; when this happens, the game piece is turned upside down and changes its color. The game ends when no more moves are possible or the game board is full. The players can use complex strategies to obtain advantageous placements for their game pieces on the board; the rules are simple in this game, but the fun is great!

The box contains the game board with four small supports, 64 game pieces and the rules.

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