Return conditions

Conditions for Return

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products you purchased from our online shop, you may return products that have not been personalized within a period of 10 days from the date of acquisition according to Law 51/2003 for the approval of Governmental Ruling nr. 130/2000 without any explanation, and we will return to you the complete sum you have paid. For personalized products, return conditions are those established in the same law, Art 10 alin C, which says the contract may not be unilaterally given up by a client in the case of:

c) contracts for providing products executed based on the consumer's specifications or products distinctly personalized, as well as those which, by their nature, cannot be returned or may degrade or deteriorate rapidly.

In this case our company returns sums paid for personalized gifts in their entirety, only in the case that:

  1. The product itself has manufacturing errors

  2. In the case of each order, a representative of our company will contact you via phone, and upon request you will be sent by email the model of the product, personalized according to your request, which you will then need to confirm. In the case when the personalization does not confirm to the model approved by you, our company will return to you the complete value of the product and its personalization. In case of the contrary, we cannot return sums that have been paid, and as such we request that you pay great attention when confirming the model you have been sent.

In conformity of the provisions of the above mentioned law, the cost of delivery of the returned product to us will be covered by you. 

This is how you need to proceed to return a product and receive your money back:

1. Send us the product you wish to return, to the address  Str. Bolyai nr 24, Tg-Mures.

2. Send the returned product only through a delivery service. We request that you send it with a value of payment on delivery, equal to the value of the product you wish to return. As such, when the courier delivers us the package, we will pay the value on delivery, and the courier will then deliver the cash money to you on the following day.

It is recommended that you send the product back in its original box, together with the invoice.

For more information regarding return procedure we request that you contact us via the phone number 077-2238590, or via mail:

How you need to proceed to exchange a product you have purchased with another product:

  1. Send us the product you wish to return (it is recommended that you do this via a courier service), to the address Str. Bolyai nr 24, Tg-Mures.

  2. Upon receiving the package, we will send you the new product that you have requested to replace the previous one. As such, within a period of 48-72 hours from us sending out the package, you will enter into possession of the new product.

  3. Those products that have been personalized on the client's request, which do not present manufacturing deterioration, will NOT be exchanged.

- In the case of the value of the new product being larger than that of the product you have initially ordered, the difference will be paid to the courier, in the moment you receive the package.

- In the case of the value of the new product being smaller than that of the product you have initially ordered, we will send you the difference in money within the package containing the new product you have requested.

For more information about the exchange process, please contact us at the phone number 077-2238590, or via email:



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