Payment methods

Methods for payment

Cash on delivery

So that you can be sure to receive what you have requested, speaking in 99% of cases of personalized gifts, our preferred payment method is that of payment on delivery. In the moment of delivery of your package, you need to pay its value. 

You have the option of first verifying your package's contents and paying once you have been assured that it contains what you have ordered, HOWEVER, for this you will have to send us a message when placing your order, as we first need to know before giving your data to the courier. This option costs extra !!!  

Transfer via bank

If you use Internet Banking and don't wish to use cash for paying, you can also place a payment via wire transfer, in the account of our company:

SC MrGift SRL, CF.29520850, Banca Raiffeisen Tg-Mures, Cont: RO14BZBR0000060021601362

What you need to be aware of is that if you use this method, the package will only be sent to you once the value of the products it contains becomes available in our bank account.

Paying On-line

You also have this payment method available to you, so you can easily pay for your shopping right from your computer if you wish.



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