Bamboo Pen in Personalized Case - Teachers

An elegant bamboo fountain pen with golden metal ornaments, placed in a stylish wooden case. The case is engraved with a pretty graphic for teachers, and the pen will be personalized with any requested name, you will just have to upload it in the order. If you have a close friend or family member who works in the education domain, this set will be a unique and personal gift for them, with true sentimental value.

Bamboo pen length: 14,5 cm. Box size: 17,5 x 6 x 2,5 cm.

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  • 250 char. max
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Teachers are those who help the young generation prepare for life, with wisdom and patience. Being a teacher is a very important profession, so the teachers we know deserve to feel respected and appreciated. This fountain pen in a personalized case was designed and created to express this sentiment, not just as a gift for family or friends; it can also be a beautiful gesture from the part of the students on the occasion of graduation, for those who guided them on the path of education. In addition, the pen will be engraved with the name of the person who receives it, which gives it a special, personal value. Such a gift will remain in the heart of anyone for a long time!

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