Fountain Pen Set in Case for Lawyers

Elegant fountain pen made of natural bamboo with metal decorations, placed in an engraved wooden case. The pen will be personalized with any requested name, while the case is engraved with a funny graphic for lawyers, available in three languages ("Never argue with a lawyer! They're always right, even when they're not!" in RO, EN or HU). The price contains the personalization, all you need to do is upload the name in your order. This gift is perfect for any occasion that asks for a unique surprise, gifted to a lawyer with a sense of humor.

Bamboo pen length: 14,5 cm. Box size: 17,5 x 6 x 2,5 cm.

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When we are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, something representing their personality in a funny way is always a good choice. Those with a sense of humor will surely appreciate a funny gift on any occasion, especially if it has been personalized for them. This bamboo fountain pen has a simple and very elegant design, will be personalized with the name of the person receiving it, and is placed in a case with a funny graphic on it; you can find different versions of said case on our site, this one having been designed for lawyers. It is a gift with style, humor and personality for any occasion, but especially suited to a birthday, graduation from university, or a new job. You can be sure that this gift will be a memorable surprise for a lawyer friend or family member, and that it will remain a beautiful memory to them for a long time.

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