Floral Arrangement For Men

An elegant floral arrangement consisting of five Memory Line roses, five purple and orange tulips, and white lysianthus, all arranged elegantly in a round black ornamental box. The arrangement contains a small wooden tablet in the shape of a mustache personalized with the text "La Multi Ani". An excellent gift for gentlemen.

Arrangement size: 25 x 20 cm.

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An elegant floral arrangement is the ideal gift for important occasions. This arrangement is personalized for gentlemen with an amusing woooden mustache, which gives it a certain cheerfulness. It is a wonderful gift for graduation, retirement, birthdays or any other occasion.

The flowers used are always fresh, occasionally they can contain buds, which will bloom in max. 24 hours if kept in warmth. The shade of the flowers can vary from product to product. Our products with live flowers are delivered from one day to the next; please pick up your order in as short an amount of time as possible, as the flowers wilt rapidly if kept in a warm, closed environment for an extended time. In such cases we do not accept complaints, nor do we assume responsibility for damages occurred during transport.

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