2021 Women's Graduation T-shirt - Colored

White, 100% cotton women's t-shirts, Gildan brand. These t-shirts are personalized with a special 2021 graduation graphic, which is available in tree languages, the personalization being included in the price.

Personalized t-shirts have to be washed by hand, turned inside out, at maximum 30 degrees Celsius, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT iron over the printing !!!

Women's sizes:    S         M         L        XL       2XL   

Size in cm:       64/41  67/43   69/47  71/50  72/56  

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Limba personalizarii
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Stylish personalized t-shirts made of quality material, which have been created with the intent to give a truly special gift to a young lady on the occasion of her graduation. The graphic on the t-shirts goes well with any casual outfit; you can order this t-shirt with personalization in Romanian, Hungarian or even English, so you can choose it as a gift for more distant acquaintances as well as relatives or friends. It is a gift that will surely be very appreciated by the person who receives it.

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