Happy Valentine's Day Wooden Box

An elegant and unique Valentine's Day gift for a girlfriend: an engraved wooden box with a graphic saying "Happy Valentine's Day! I love you". The box can be opened; the inside contains a plastic tube for a single flower. The box can be ordered as is, at a price of 39,00 lei, or on request we can add a single red rose tied with a red ribbon, this raises the price of this product to 64,00 lei.

Box measurements: 34 x 8 x 6 cm.

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With rose or without rose
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The red rose is one of the best-known symbols of love. With this elegant flower, you can express your feelings for your girlfriend in any important moment that you spend together: a holiday, an anniversary, a birthday, etc. However... a single flower might be a gift that is too simple by itself. A well-chosen gift packaging can be all you need to a turn a rose into a unique, truly special gift, and we have the perfect packaging for you! This stylish, engraved wooden box has been designed so that you can place a rose the color of passion inside it, and is personalized with a beautiful Valentine's Day graphic. You can order the box as is, or if you wish, we can add the flower for you, so you can create the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special person very easily. Don't miss the chance to gift with style, and lots of love!

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