Sweet 18 Personalized Cake Ornament

This cake ornament is made of natural unvarnished wood, and has a stylish design, with the text "Sweet 18". You can order the ornament with any other number as well, you just need to enter this in your order. Such an ornament is a special decoration for a birthday cake.

Size: 24 x 9 cm.

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Reaching the age of 18 is an unforgettable occasion in the life of a young person. As such, the gifts and the cake for the birthday boy or girl need to be truly special. A homemade cake is always a beautiful gesture on the occasion of a birthday, but if you wish for it to be memorable, you will have to decorate it with style. Personalized cake ornaments are ideal for this purpose, and this elegant ornament has been specially designed for this important occasion. However, the ornament has the advantage that we can personalize it with any number you wish, so you can purchase it for any age group. If you need a unique and stylish cake ornament for the birthday of a loved one, you have found it here!

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