Crown-shaped Personalized Cake Ornament

Cake ornaments made of natural unvarnished wood, with a simple, but chic and elegant design, in the shape of a crown; you can choose from two models. This ornament is a stylish decoration for a birthday cake, or for other occasions.

Size: model 1 - 20 x 7,5 cm, model 2 - 20 x 7,5 cm.

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If a special occasion is approaching in the life of a loved one, such as a birthday, retirement or an anniversary, we need to think about the gift we will surprise them with. A homemade cake is an ideal gift for any occasion, but you will need to decorate it with style if you wish to make a special impression. We have the solution for you: personalized cake ornaments! This model, in the shape of a crown, will give a very elegant look to any cake, and is a simple and stylish way to give personality to this surprise. You can be sure that such a special gift will be very appreciated!

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