Quarantine 2021 Heat Sensitive Mug

Heat sensitive mug with English-language graduation graphic: "Class of 2021 - Quarantine", available in different colors. A special gift for graduates of the year 2021.

Size: 9.5 cm x 8 cm

Capacity: 375 ml

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  • Black
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Verde inchis
  • Albastru
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Heat sensitive mugs are very appreciated gifts suited for any special occasion, thanks to their special finish which changes its color to white when heated up, giving the mugs a very interesting aspect. These mugs are personalized for a unique and memorable occasion: graduation from high school or university. 2021 has definitely been an unusual year, but this doesn't mean that graduation can't be celebrated from the heart. As such, it is good to give a gift that will remain a beautiful, special memory for a long time - for instance, these superb mugs.

ONLY hand washing is recommended, to protect the heat sensitive exterior layer.

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