Colorado Pen and Roller Set

Writing instrument set containing a ballpoint pen and a roller pen placed into a box of the same color, giving the set a certain elegance. The set is available in various lively colors, being recommended more for younger people; it is an ideal graduation gift. The writing instruments can be personalized by engraving to make them an even more special gift, and a beautiful memory for the person who receives them.

Sizes: box - 185 x 60 x 27 mm; writing instruments - 140 x 11 mm

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  • 250 char. max
  • Yellow
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  • Turcoaz
  • Light Pink
  • Verde Apple
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Writing instruments have always been a perfect gift regardless of a person's age, gender or how close an acquaintance they are. With this elegant and stylish set you can offer not just an indispensable gift, but also a certain charm to the handwriting of the person receiving it.

Such a gift can be given in different circumstances, at company events, or on special occasions such as graduation or even retirement. Even in the age of speed and computers, we all know someone who loves to write by hand. These special people will surely love these elegant writing instruments which will emphasise the beauty of their writing.

Thanks to the variety of different colors, this set can be an ideal gift for anyone, lady or gentleman, teen or adult, a friend, colleague or even boss. Personalize it and you can have the perfect gift, one that is very useful and won't be forgotten soon!

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