DACO Pen and Fountain Pen Set

DACO writing instrument set, containing a ballpoint pen with 1 mm Parker tip, and a fountain pen with an F type iridium tip, both in metallic black with silver-colored decorations and elegant design. The set is packaged in a black pen holder bearing the logo of the DACO brand. The price on display contains the personalization of both writing instruments by engraving, as well as a special printed card with your message.

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DACO brand writing instruments can turn something as simple as writing by hand into a real joy, thanks to their light, practical and stylish design. And when these are specifically personalized for the one using them, they can be a perfect gift on any occasion. This set contains a ballpoint pen for everyday things, and a fountain pen for moments that might be more special, such as writing an invitation, a letter or a holiday greeting card. They can be personalized with any short text - a heartfelt message, an inspiring quote, the date of a special occasion; but we also include a printed card with any text chosen by you, which gives true elegance to this gift. It can be a lovely surprise at the start of university studies, or a memorable retirement gift from a colleague. As it is a gift of style and value, you can be sure it will be appreciated!

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