Fountain Pen Set in Case - Lawyers

Gift set for lawyers, containing a fountain pen made of natural bamboo with metal decorations, and an elegant, engraved wooden case, personalized with a funny graphic ("Behind every successful lawyer is a substantial amount of coffee", which you can choose in Romanian, English or Hungarian). The pen will be engraved with any name you request, you only have to upload it in your order; the personalization is included in the price.

Bamboo pen length: 14,5 cm. Box size: 17,5 x 6 x 2,5 cm.

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Stoc intern Produse

Coffee is a magical substance, one that can be a great help on a tiresome workday in any profession, including that of a lawyer. If you happen to know a lawyer with a sense of humor and a real appreciation for a hot cup of coffee, this set of a fountain pen and a case, personalized with a funny text, is the perfect gift for them. An elegant and useful writing instrument is a gift suited for any occasion, and when it has a more personal meaning for the person receiving it (for instance, it is personalized with their name, like this fountain pen), you can be sure it will remain treasured for a long time. Regardless of the occasion, you can't make a mistake if you gift with style and humor!

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