DACO Black Fountain Pen

Black metal fountain pen with a very modern design, from the quality DACO brand, placed in a matching case bearing the brand's logo. The pen functions with a standard ink cartridge, and contains a type M iridium pen tip. The price contains the personalization of the pen, done through engraving, and a personal message added on a deluxe printed card.

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
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DACO writing instruments combine quality, modernity and elegance, and thanks to their usefulness and attractive design, can be both practical and stylish gifts. This especially elegant fountain pen is packed in a matching case, which gives it a refined look; it can be personalized with a short text (such as a name or an important date), so it will be a gift of personal value. Writing instruments are gifts best suited for those who use them every day, such as students, teachers, the employees of large companies or even writers; but well all need them in everyday life as well, so a gift like this can be appreciated by anyone, on any occasion. In addition, we add your personal message on a tasteful printed card, so the surprise will be even more pleasant!

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