California Pen

Writing instrument set made of rosewood, comprised of a ballpoint pen with rotation mechanism and blue ink, placed in an oval pen holder. It's an elegant gift for the enthusiasts of quality wood. As the set is made of rosewood, it can be personalized in its entirety through engraving.

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An elegant gift that can be personalized however you wish, both on the pen and on its holder. Give your imagination free rein and create the perfect gift for a special person.

Writing instrument sets are stylish gifts suited for both men and women, who can use them at work or in school, at university. The sets we offer all have a remarkable quality and durability to them. Personalization, whether on a ballpoint pen, fountain pen or pen holder, will transform them into a unique, elegant gift.

Our personalization method for writing instruments is laser engraving, the recommended size for pens is 10x2 cm, the box can be personalized with a slightly longer text.

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