3D Personalized Graduation Lamp

3D LED lamp made of engraved acrylic, on a round base, with special graduation graphic and three types of personalization: the name of the class, a personal message (it can be any message you choose, all you have to do is upload the text in your order) or a class photo. Each personalization can be chosen in Romanian, English or Hungarian. The lamp's light changes its color, you can choose one of seven lively colors or set the colors to change continuously. Lamp size (minus the base): height 18,5 cm, maximum width 16,5 cm.

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Atention: the personalization with photo can be seen clearly only when the light is set on white, if the light is set on a different color, the photo's base color changes as well.

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  • 250 char. max
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This superb LED lamp can be the perfect graduation surprise, being not just a thematic gift specially created for this important occasion, but also a unique and personal one thanks to the personalization. It will remain a beautiful memory that will always bring to mind moments spent with friends in school or at university; but it can also be a gift from the heart for a teacher or professor from the class, with which they can express their gratitude for the education they have received. The lamp functions with three AA batteries, or from a laptop/powerbank through a USB cable, or even with a phone charger with a USB port. The product includes the USB cable, however, it does NOT include the batteries. Surprise your loved ones with a gift that won't be forgotten soon!

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