3D Graduation Lamp with Flowers - HU

Decorative 3D lamp made of engraved acrylic and wood, personalized with an elegant floral graphic, and a quote for graduation in Hungarian (this can be replaced with any requested message or text). You can order the lamp with different functions and accessories (clock, remote control etc.), depending on the lamp base that you choose. Each base can function with batteries (they DO NOT contain these), from a laptop, powerbank or computer through a micro-USB cable (this is included in each purchase), or through a type B phone charger.

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  • 250 char. max
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This elegant lamp has been designed as a gift to a young graduating student, on the occasion of the end of their high school or university days. A personalized lamp is a unique and truly special gift, which can be a stylish decorative object anywhere in the house, and a beautiful memory; so if you have been looking for a gift that will surely bring great joy to the person receiving it, you have found it here. You can order this lamp with our personalization (a beautiful quote in Hungarian), or with any message, quote or other text chosen by you. You will need to upload your text in your order if you would like a different one from the one in the product photos. Thanks to its floral graphic, this lamp is a gift especially suited to young ladies, but actually it can be a beautiful graduation surprise for anyone!

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