"Merry Christmas" Wooden Wine Box

Wine box made of engraved natural wood, manufactured by MrGift, with a beautiful "Merry Christmas!" holiday graphic. The upper part of the box has a special design that can be opened for the bottle of wine to be placed inside. The personalization on the box may be chosen in Hungarian, Romanian or English. The initial price does NOT contain the bottle of wine, but the box can be ordered together with a quality wine, chosen from one of the two available types of wine sold by MrGift, at a higher price.

Box size: 39,5 x 8,5 x 8,5 cm.

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Quality wines, wine boxes and wine accessories are elegant and refined gifts for special occasions, which can be beautiful surprises both for loved ones and for more distant acquaintances. But gifts designed with a specific theme have more personality to them than those which are suited for any occasion. This elegant wine box has a very special Christmas design, with a snowflake pattern that has a look at once traditional and modern. It can be an excellent, tasteful gift for anyone who collects or simply appreciates quality wines, in the family, circle of friends, or even the workplace. You can order the box by itself, but you also have the option to purchase it together with a sophisticated bottle of wine, if you are looking for a unique holiday-themed gift package, with true elegance.

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