Keychain with Name and Beads for Women

Elegant engraved keychains for women, in the shape of letters. Each keychain is engraved with a decorative pattern, and will be personalized with any requested female given name (the keychain's shape will be the initial of that name), you will need to enter the name in your order. These keychains are also decorated with elegant beads in metallic silver and red colors; there are two different options for decoration available, with the beads in different colors and sizes.

Keychain length, model 1: 10 cm.

Keychain length, model 2: 9 cm.

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These keychains are not simply objects created for practical use, but more than that: they are so chic and stylish, they are almost pieces of jewelry. The combination of the decorative floral pattern with the beads gives them a particular elegance, and the personalization with name, a special sentimental value. If you've been looking for a stylish and feminine, but also useful gift for a lady close to you, you have just found it. Such a keychain can be a special gift for Mother's Day, Women's Day or a nameday. All you need to do is to send us the requested name in your order, and we will create a unique gift, for a lady who deserves it!

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