I Love You 3D LED Lamp

3D lamp with colorful LED light, made of engraved acrylic, with a unique "I love you" graphic, available in three languages. The lamp is available with seven different types of lamp base, with various functions and accessories (clock, speaker etc.), for details please read the description of the 3D lamp category on this site. Each lamp base functions with batteries (DOES NOT contain these), from a power source through a micro-USB cable (this is included in the purchase), or through a type B phone charger. A beautiful Valentine's Day or anniversary gift for your significant other.

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Sometimes we are looking for a simple, but unique and personal way to say "I love you" to our significant other, something special to really make them happy. A unique personalized gift is just what we need, but what to choose from the abundance of commonplace and unusual gifts that are available to us? If you're also in this situation, we recommend you a really special gift: this personalized lamp, with a beautiful and romantic graphic. In addition, the lamp is available with various useful accessories and functions: remote control, speaker, a phone app that controls the light, even a stylish clock. This way, you can choose a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend that isn't just an interesting decoration, but can also be a useful accessory in any room. With such a surprise, you can be sure you will bring your special person real joy!

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