Beer Mug - Limitalt Kiadas 50

Beer mug personalized with the funny Hungarian text "Limitált kiadás - 50 - és még mindig tökéletes". An amusing gift, ideal for any beer enthusiast with a sense of humor for special occasions, especially a birthday. The personalization is done through engraving. On request the mug can be engraved on its entire circumference; we can add a name, or change the age. The price contains the personalization.

Height: 14 cm.

Capacity: 600 ml.

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If you know a person who loves beer and you're looking for a birthday gift for him, you've just found the perfect one. This funny beer mug is personalized with the Hungarian text "Limitált kiadás - 50 - és még mindig tökéletes" ( translation: "Limited edition - 50 - and still perfect"). A gift guaranteed to bring smiles and cheerful moments, ideal for someone with a healthy sense of humor. The mug is personalized through engraving, and has a height of 14 cm and a capacity of 600 ml.

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